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04 Februari 2010

Welcome To Keli Omega 3

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    Asalamualaikum ,
    This blog is held on the basis of accurate information about nutrition in aquaculture.With this basic information it is hope that it can be developed from time to time.Fish diet or Fish Feed Technology is the technology that is growing fast every day, there are always  new sources of protein or other nutrients in the quotation of technology ,
    It means that what we are doing today is no longer relevant tommorrow.Fast growing of the development of the  diet of  fish feed  become not relevant because of several factors such as

       1. Extinction / absence of the relevant raw materials
       2. Prices of raw materials that are no longer competitive
       3. Use of raw materials to the people is more important than animals.
       4. Use raw materials from plant agricultural sources to replace the source from animal.

    We hope with this blog, the farmers / producers to find other suitable alternative to the current demand and price so that the field could be developed  as is required, and maintain a clean environment parallel with the principles of organic agriculture by Institute of Food Science and Technology and not contaminated as a result of this  industry .

    Others topics related  in the field of aquaculture will also be highlighted for  further information and discussion so that it can also be expand and improve . Insyaallah. The visitors commented on the suggestions and views on every topic are appreciated. Thank you once again , who vistied to this blog.

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    Tanpa Nama berkata...

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

    CikGu Naim berkata...

    Thank for the comment and any suggestion are appreciable